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From: Daryle Walker (dwalker07_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-24 00:09:24

On Saturday, August 23, 2003, at 11:21 AM, Daniel Frey wrote:

> Jan Langer wrote:
>> what is needed for the lexicographic class to be included into boost?
> I don't know, but I think there are several ideas which haven't been
> addressed and that we should at least have a look at:
> a) Short-circuiting
> b) Unnamed functions
>> bool operator < (person const &p1, person const &p2)
>> {
>> return boost::lexicographic
>> (p1.lastname, p2.lastname, cmp_lower)
>> (p1.firstname, p2.firstname, cmp_lower)
>> (p2.age, p1.age);
>> }
> The two points listed above are both visible here: Even if there are
> no persons with the same name, age is accessed. Even worse, it may be
> a costly method age() and the unaware user creates much worse code
> than using nested if-else-structures.

Short-circuiting can only be done via compiler magic with the built-in
operator&& and operator||, so there's no way it can be added to
user-defined routines. Note that each step of the lexicographic
comparison has a result, and that later steps are only evaluated if the
previous step didn't give a result of equivalence (well, the comparison
is skipped; each argument still has to be evaluated). You can also
manually check each intermediate result and code out other checks (with
"if" statements), which would skip unnecessary evaluations of later

> Also, you might not want to define operator<. Sometimes, you just need
> it in one place, e.g. std::sort( v.begin(), v.end(), /*HERE*/ );

Maybe Boost.Lamda or Boost.MPL can be used?

> I don't know how to solve these problems, though. The only idea I have
> removes the comparator and uses macros. It does provide
> short-circuiting, but I fear I might get stoned now. Anyway:
> #define false(a,b) (!((a)==(b)))?((a)<(b)):!true
> #define true(a,b) ((a)==(b))?((a)<(b)):false

I don't think you can (re#)define a keyword.

> bool operator<( const person& p1, const person& p2 )
> {
> ( p1.lastname, p2.lastname )
> ( p1.firstname, p2.firstname )
> ( p1.age, p2.age );
> }


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