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From: Matthew Towler (towler_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-02 08:09:58

I have been attempting to build boost 1.30.2 for a number of platforms.

I also wish to generate the html testsuite output for several reasons -
My own peace of mind, because we are using a reasonably large number of
platforms (some of which do not appear on the status tables), and so I
can see which parts of the libraries work on all our platforms.

In general I have been successful with the building of the
tools/libraries and running the testsuites as per the documentaion to
produce bjam.log. However when I try to process the bjam.log I get a
number of errors and/or erroneous output. I will describe my gcc/linux
experience as this is the platform I expected to have least trouble with.

On linux 6.2 based gcc 3.2.1, process_jam_log runs ok, but on running
compiler_status $BOOST_ROOT cs-linux.html I get the following output

*** Error: std::runtime_error: boost::filesystem::directory_iterator
"/scratch8/buildman/builds/linux-boost-1.30.2/0.2/status/bin": No such
file or directory

The directory the compiler_status exe was located in was in my PATH and
was /scratch8/buildman/builds/linux-boost-1.30.2/bin

I checked that BOOST_ROOT was set to
and TOOLS was set to gcc
I was running under a bash shell although I do not think this is
significant. scratch8 is an automounted directory just in case this

It would appear that the filesystem code has erroneously duplicated part
of the path (the 0.2/status part).

In case this was already fixed I also tried the code in the sourceforge
cvs repository (as of 11:30 on Tuesday 2nd September). This built
without incident, but the stage process_jam_log <bjam.log gave the
following output:

Usage: bjam [bjam-args] | process_jam_log [locate-root]
   locate-root is the same as the bjam ALL_LOCATE_TARGET
   parameter, if any. Default is boost-root.
boost_root: /scratch/towler/boost
locate_root: /scratch/towler/boost

**** exception(205): std::out_of_range: basic_string::substr
******** errors detected; see standard output for details ********

On other platforms (IRIX Mipspro, Dec Alpha 6.5) the html
generation process works ok, but the webpages mark most (but not all) of
the tests as "Missing", even though they can be seen to have passed in
the bjam.log file.

Unexpectedly the only platform I have successfully generated the webpage
for is MS Visual Studio 6.

Any help gratefully received.


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