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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-19 05:45:40

> Error 742: "libs/regex/build/../src/cpp_regex_traits.cpp", line 372 #
> type const char *& and target type char * in a const_cast can only differ
> their qualifiers
> pmd->sbuf.pubsetbuf(const_cast<char*>(first),
> static_cast<std::streamsize>(last-first));

> Look at the 1st error for example : it is normal since we should't convert
> const char*& towards a char* with const_cast.

It's not: if type deduction is working correctly, then it converts from
const char* to char*, which is legal for const_cast (see 15.2.11p3). I
realise that this is a hack BTW: however the pointed to value is never
actually written too, the const-ness is cast away only to interface with the
iostream machinary.

You could try putting a C style cast in there to see if that fixes things,
but you're likely see a lot of other errors...

> Boost has never been built with aCC ??

Sure: see

> Do you intend to make it buildable with aCC ??

If someone is prepared to supply patches - be aware however that it's an
uphill struggle - aCC seems to have more than the usual share of bugs :-(

If you're planning on trying to patch regex though, can you please look at
the latest cvs code - the code has changed a lot since the last release,



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