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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-11-07 00:05:56

[2003-11-06] Gennadiy Rozental wrote:

>> There is already an install rule in libs/test/build/Jamfile that will
>> if you do a:
>> bjam stage
>> or
>> bjam install
>> from boost-root.
>> I've also attached a modified version of your Jamfile that will put
>> correctly named libs in boost-root/stage/lib if you invoke it from
>> libs/test/build.
>Here is jornal of my attempts to build Boost.Test examples using auto-link
>1. Copied you Jamfile into .../test/build directory
>2. run bjam ... in .../test/example directory - got linker errors caused by
>missing new libs names.
>3. run bjam ... install in .../test/build directory - got "Don't know how
>build install"

The "install" target is only available at boost-root.

>4. run bjam ... stage in .../test/build directory - got "Couldn't create
>directory D:\Source" from command

> mkdir D:\Source Files\boost\stage\lib

That one looks like a bug. It's supposed to have quotes around the name.
Which I just fixed ;-) (..v1/allyourbase.jam)

>Any suggestions?

Get v1/allyourbase.jam and try #4 again.

#2 seems to be working, except that it most likely is building libraries
with the non-tagged names. Try adding the:

    <tag><postfix>-$(version-tag) the dll and/or lib targets themselves.


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