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From: Alexander Terekhov (terekhov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-11-18 06:00:08

"Philippe A. Bouchard" wrote:
> Ha ha ha... I guess I should of mentionned the Alpha with its 2 pipelines
> instead.

Alpha is dead.

> >> multithreaded environments. It looked like shared_count_x86_exp2.cpp
> >> coudn't run on multiple platforms.
> >
> > Yeah. refcount<> (and compilers with not-rocket-science knowledge
> > of atomics with "hoist" and "sink" barriers... and that's no matter
> > how screwed is the hardware -- compilers may reorder "as well") is
> > the way to go. I guess.
> Before going further with those issues I would like to specify that most of
> the time we do not need to know the content of the integer; we only need to
> know whether it is null or not atomically... the machine instructions "dec
> [counter]" immediately followed by "jne" do that.

You don't really need "portable asm" for that. C++ aside for a moment,


        [THR RC] #include <pthread.h>

        int pthread_refcount_decrement(pthread_refcount_t *refcount);
        int pthread_refcount_decrement_relmsync(pthread_refcount_t *refcount);
        int pthread_refcount_decrement_acqmsync(pthread_refcount_t *refcount);
        int pthread_refcount_decrement_nomsync(pthread_refcount_t *refcount);


        These functions shall decrement the value of the reference count
        specified by /refcount/. That is, the value 1 is subtracted from
        the value of the reference count specified by /refcount/. When
        the decremented value of the reference count is zero, the constant
        PTHREAD_REFCOUNT_DROPPED_TO_ZERO shall be returned to the calling

        The constant PTHREAD_REFCOUNT_DROPPED_TO_ZERO is defined in
        <pthread.h> and its value shall be distinct from any other value
        returned by these functions.

        The results are undefined if these functions are called with a
        reference count which has value zero.

        The results are undefined if these functions are called with an
        uninitialized reference count.


        If successful, these functions shall return zero or
        PTHREAD_REFCOUNT_DROPPED_TO_ZERO if the decremented value of
        the reference count is zero. Otherwise, an error number shall
        be returned to indicate the error.


        The pthread_refcount_decrement(),
        pthread_refcount_decrement_acqmsync() and
        pthread_refcount_decrement_nomsync() functions may fail if:

                The object specified by /refcount/ is invalid.

                The value of the referenced count specified by /refcount/
                is zero.

        These functions shall not return an error code of [EINTR].

You can have them as normal functions (so that you can take an
address) plus macros or intrinsic/inline function and/or whatnot.


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