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From: Alexander Terekhov (terekhov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-27 12:16:35

John Maddock wrote:
> I hope Alisdair won't mind me forwarding this one, but I'm really beginning
> to wonder where SCO are going next, ...,14179,2877578,00.html

<quote author="Darl McBride" when=2002>

We get several dozen requests a month just to come in and see AIX
or HP-UX code base. And C++ programming languages, we own those,
have licensed them out multiple times, obviously. We have a lot of
royalties coming to us from C++. It was interesting to see the
depth of Caldera's intellectual capital.



C++ Issues

MozillaQuest Magazine: C++ appears to be one of the properties
that SCO acquired through Novell's acquisition of AT&T's UNIX
Systems Laboratories and subsequent purchase of Novell's UNIX
interests by SCO. At this time most Linux and/or GNU/Linux
distributions include C++ compilers and editors. Is this
something for which SCO currently charges? If so, just what
are the current arrangements? If not, will C++ licensing and
enforcement be added to SCO's licensing and enforcement program?

Blake Stowell: C++ is one of the properties that SCO owns today
and we frequently are approached by customers who wish to license
C++ from us and we do charge for that. Those arrangements are
done on a case-by-case basis with each customer and are not
disclosed publicly. C++ licensing is currently part of SCO's
SCOsource licensing program.

MozillaQuest Magazine: How about GNU C++? Does GNU C++ use
SCO IP? If so, could SCO license and/or charge for use of its
IP in GNU C++?

Blake Stowell: I honestly don't know.

MozillaQuest Magazine: Does the C++ that currently is included
in most if not all Linux distributions contain SCO IP?

(a) If so, is that being done with or without SCO

(b) If so, what impact/affect does this have on the ability
of people to freely distribute and use copies of those
Linux distributions? (Under GNU licensing, anyone may
make as many copies of a GNU/Linux distribution as they
please, freely distribute them for no charge and/or for
a charge, and use a GNU/Linux on as many computes as they
please -- at no charge. Etc.)

Blake Stowell: Again, I don't know. That's something we would
have to research.





6 SCO will sue and send $1M bills to every government branch
found using Linux. IBM's CEO will offer NASA $1B cash
and indemnify the agency from any damages if they make SCO's
Darl McBride a "space tourist" in orbit, but with no return


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