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From: Dan W. (danw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-05 08:30:43

Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
> At least at Intel platforms assert() is nothing more, than a fancy wrapper
> for asm 3 (at least for VC7.1)! And as for __LINE__ and __FILE__ - it's a
> matter of taste, if you want them to be included or not. I like to have this
> info.

That's funny. I used to use VC6.0 sp5, and I found assert() totally
useless: It would ask me whether I wanted to terminate the program or
continue running, and if I said to continue running, it didn't even give
me a chance to look at the variables, or single step, it would literally
continue running.

Now I'm using Digital Mars, and I hadn't even bother trying assert(),
but I just did to make sure I wasn't crazy, and it just terminated the
debugging session at once, even closed the console window for me. How

Now, that's for the birds!

And here's someone else's statement, from the invariants thread:

> Reece Dunn wrote:
>> The compiler I'm using, Digital Mars version 8.38 already
>> supports invariant, pre- and post-conditions. See...
> cool! But these seem to work via assert which will
> terminate the program upon invariant failure.

So, it seems to me you have an above-average compiler... :)

I just want the compiler to stop at a violated ensure clause. I don't
want message boxes with fancy buttons and stupid questions. I don't want
file and line logged to some file or shown on the screen, or an
auto-dial 911. I just want the debugger to *stop at* that file and line
number so I can see what's happening.

But maybe that's just me.. :)


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