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From: Martin Wille (mw8329_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-01-13 07:40:41

Beman Dawes wrote:
> This bit me tonight. The root cause is a missing target. I've modified
> process_jam_log.cpp in CVS to treat this as a warning rather than an error.
> Why did it happen in the first place? bjam's --dump-tests output looks
> like this (with the line before and after the culprit):
> ...(RUN) "ios_state_unit_test" : "libs\io\test\ios_state_unit_test.cpp"
> ...(RUN) "ia1" :
> ...(RUN) "iterator_traits_test" : "libs\utility\iterator_traits_test.cpp"

Same here.

> ("..." actually says "boost-test". I shortened it to fit on one line.)
> Then later:
> don't know how to make reverse_iterator.cpp
> Further along, this set of messages appears for each compiler:
> ...skipped <ia1.test\borland\debug>reverse_iterator.obj for lack of
> reverse_iterator.cpp...
> ...skipped <ia1.test\borland\debug>ia1.CMD for lack of
> <ia1.test\borland\debug>reverse_iterator.obj...
> ...skipped <ia1.test\borland\debug>ia1.exe for lack of
> <ia1.test\borland\debug>ia1.CMD...
> The strange thing is there is no Jamfile anywhere in RC_1_31_0 which
> contains "reverse_iterator.cpp". I'm going to bed; I must be missing
> something obvious. Dave?

Grepping for "ia1" found this line:

./libs/iterator/example/Jamfile:unit-test ia1 : reverse_iterator.cpp :
<sysinclude>../../.. <sysinclude>$(BOOST) ;

This is the only line in that Jamfile.

FWIW, a directory named "ia1.test" is created under $BOOST_ROOT/status.


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