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From: Russell Hind (rhind_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-02-18 07:20:57

Pavel Vozenilek wrote:
> 1. People have vast quantities of legacy BCB code. They may like
> to improve their code with Boost.

I am in that position, but I am happy to accept that while I'm using
effectively a compiler that Borland no longer support, then I stick with
the tools I have (much as we don't know if there will be another version
of the VCL, so we are stuck with VCL 6) I'm happy to accept that I have
to stick with the current version of boost. I know what its
capabilities are.

If a new feature comes into boost 1.x then why not attempt to back port
it to 1.31.x and get a new roll out of 1.31.x for that bcc32. I will
consider this as and when new features are added to the thread library
as I'm using 1.30.2 and plan to stick with it for the foreseeable future.

> 2. BCB is still (IMHO) best C++ tool for GUI applications, despite
> its bugginess.

I agree, but I'm still confident that CBX 2 will come out and at some
point we'll have a full bccx and full version of wxWindows and their GUI
designer. I've also accepted that it may mean a re-work of the GUI code
to wxWindows from VCL to use the new IDE but that is now/less harder
than a re-work to .Net or another platform. There isn't a lot I can do
about it. I stick with what I have now (boost-1.30.2, VCL 6, bcc32
5.6.4) or move to another platform. If the VCL and compiler aren't
going to be updated, then why should boost developers get a headache
trying to support this compiler with new features?

And if we're lucky, Borland may update the VCL and the new compiler to
support VCL extensions and in that case great, we'll get boost to work
with the new compiler (which from initial testing hardly needs any
workarounds so little problems for the boost developers).

> 3. It is far from clear if there will be new Borland C++ compiler at all.
> Borland may decide to drop out of C++ market completely - it may
> be waste to spend effort with beta until things get clear.

In that case again, why should boost keep supporting it if Borland
won't? We have a very good C++ development tool in BCB6 with VCL and
boost-1.31.0 or 1.30.2. But the compiler has limitations and we can't
expect it to work for ever.



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