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From: Bjorn.Karlsson_at_[hidden]
Date: 2004-02-24 10:00:36

> From: Peter Dimov [mailto:pdimov_at_[hidden]]
> > You can always shorten it in your code with an alias.
> This is precisely what makes it dangerous. Design mistakes that have a
> trivial workaround are the worst, because you will never get
> the feedback
> that will set you on the right path. Everyone just patches around it
> locally.

I agree. If a name "works", programmers will use it. If it's too long, it'll
be aliased or removed with using declarations/directives. If it's too
cryptic, it'll be aliased or removed with using declarations/directives.

I think that two equally valid points have been made in this thread:
0) If the name is too long, people won't use it as-is. This diminishes the
information that the name carries.
1) If the name is too short/cryptic, people won't even know what it's
supposed to mean.

If one agrees to the above, it seems reasonable to search for a short name
with lots of expressive power (oh yeah, why didn't I think of _that_...).
I'd say that for boost::filesystem, Dave's suggestion "files" would be a
great compromise. I'd say that for algorithms, a special name isn't actually
needed; it doesn't add any information, because anyone who calls sort, trim,
hash, or whatever, understands that somewhere an algorithm is involved.
boost::, std::, you_name_it::, will get the job done.

[Note: Some libraries (Spirit and MPL come to mind) are sexy enough to
handle a non-related word/acronym as their name, without sacrificing
informational value. Now that's good branding!]
> No we do not. The abbrv anlgy is flwd. It's more like English::this
> English::kind English::of English::writing versus en::this
> en::alternative
> en::style.

What's "en"? ;-)
> > Also a global search is easier if the letters to be searched for are
> > more or less a unique set.
> Of course it isn't. Your global search for 'filesystem' will
> only find using
> directives and namespace alias directives. A global search
> for 'fs' will
> stand a better chance to point you to the lines that actually
> use something
> from 'fs'.

Good point.

Bjorn "Put the bicycle shed next to my office" Karlsson

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