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From: Matthias Schabel (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-04 15:02:13

> window w("Test Window");
> grid g(2, 2);
> w.contain(g);
> g.contain(button("Click me", on_click), 1, 1);
> g.contain(label("Enter your name:"), 0, 0);
> textentry t();
> g.contain(t, 1, 0);
> wait_for_signal(w.delete_signal()); // note () after delete_signal

I like this syntax a lot. It's basically transparent to me as a
non-GUI person, and I can easily envision how one would extend it.
Three comments :

1) if a widget was capable of responding to multiple events, presumably
you'd do something like this, right?

g.contain(widget("do something",on_click | on_mouseover |

2) textentry t; g.contain(t,1,0); is essentially equivalent to

3) rather than having two arguments for grid position, how about a
position class with x() and y() members or something like that? I
think that would make the code more nearly model the abstraction...

Your design also seems to offer a natural way to recursively nest
stuff, too, which is nice :

grid g2(1,3);

Another possibility which would be interesting is a layer which allows
the GUI to be idea how easy or hard it would be to
implement, though...

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