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From: Paul A Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-03-11 13:22:25

>From a very quick study of this, this radical proposal avoids nasty
brackets "pi()" by adding a new C++ keyword implicit to make "pi" have
the same effect.

One could write:

double pi() implicit // << Note new keyword here.
  return 3.145926;

and double circumference = pi * diameter; // Note No nasty ()s

and more usefully:

and template<class T = double>
T pi() implicit // << Note new keyword here.
  return 3.1459265358793;

and specialisations like:

template<> float pi<float>()
  return 3.1459F;

template<> myVeryLongDouble pi<myVeryLongDouble >()
{ // UserDefined floating point Type.
  return 3.1459265358793432986549023478943257;

template<> int pi<int >()
{ // For indiana Legislature lawyers only ;-)
  return 3;

and define functions like

template<class T>
T area (T radius)
  return pi<T> * radius * radius;

Language design implications is way outside my competence, but
"implicit" sweetens a serious language nastiness.

Pragmatically, I sense that a kludge, such as several people, most
recently Daniel Frey, are working on promises a nasty but quicker
partial solution for math constants. It would not seem much trouble to
convert if the new keyword "implicit" is actually working, so I don't
conclude we should stop the on-going battle to present math constants.


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