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From: Rob Stewart (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-05-05 12:58:00

From: John Torjo <john.lists_at_[hidden]>
> >I'd prefer "primary specialization" to "default" in the comments.
> >
> >Lines longer than 80 columns in a number of files.
> >detail/common.hpp is particularly hard to view in 80 columns.
> >
> why would you want to view it in 80 columns?
> IMO 80 cols per line is quite a thing of the past.
> Nowadays, 100 or even more is more appropriate. On my 21" monitor :)
> I have my IDE set to 110 cols/line.

I regularly use a wide emacs with two buffers side by side. 80
columns in each, plus the decorations fits within the confines of
my screen. Indeed, I have three such instances of emacs on my
right monitor as I type, and another in my left monitor
(actually, one each in each of three different virtual desktops
on my left monitor).

Furthermore, 80 columns is still an appropriate line limit for
printing to avoid messy line wrapping or truncation. Still
another means of viewing it is e-mail. Many e-mail clients
operate in 80 columns.

I find longer lines harder to read because the end of one line is
harder to match with the beginning of the next. Given a
particular fixed width font, sized for comfortable reading, the
longer the line, the worse the problem.

Finally, as I cited in my reply to Thorsten, its in the Boost
Library Guidelines.

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