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From: Doug Gregor (dgregor_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-20 23:44:52

We know we'd like to move over to the Boost Software License (BSL), but
doing so is a bit of a pain. I've just updated John Maddock's bcp tool
to add three new things to the HTML report it generates:

        (1) A list of files that can be converted over to the BSL at any time
(but we need someone or something to do it)
        (2) A list of files that CAN NOT be converted because we don't have
permission from one of the authors
        (3) A list of authors that we need to contact before files can be
converted over to the BSL

We have several things we need to do to make this happen. First, we
need to contact the authors that prevent Boost code from being
converted to the BSL. Second, we need to convert files that show up in
the "can be converted" list over to the BSL, by replacing the existing
licenses with the BSL. A solution to do this mechanically would be
greatly appreciated; we can probably hack bcp to do it, but it's not
entirely trivial; I'm slightly concerned it might not be legal and that
we might need human volunteers to do it.

Just looking at boost/function.hpp, here is the list of authors we need
to contact. If you are on this list and would like to give your
permission to move any of your code in Boost to the Boost Software
License, version 1.0, please do one of the following:

        (A) Add your name and an e-mail address to more/blanket-permission.txt
in CVS, or
        (B) Reply to the mailing list stating that you agree to allow your
copyrighted code to be converted to the Boost Software License; I'll
add you to the aforementioned file with a message time stamp.

  Adobe Systems Inc
  Bill Kempf
  Boost org
  Brad King
  Christof Meerwald
  Dan Watkins
  Darin Adler
  Dave Abrahams
  Doug Gregor
  Gennaro Prota
  Guillaume Melquiond
  Housemarque Oy
  Howard Hinnant
  Jaakko J rvi
  Jeremy Siek
  Jesse Jones
  Lie-Quan Lee
  Markus Schöpflin
  Martin Wille
  Mat Marcus
  Multi Media Ltd
  Paul Mensonides
  Steve Cleary
  Synge Todo
  The Trustees of Indiana University
  Toon Knapen

(Note there are some near-misses that can easily be fixed, e.g. "Dave
Abrahams" and "Doug Gregor", who are in the blanket permission file as
"David Abrahams" and "Douglas Gregor"; in this case, we should probably
just normalize the names in the source files).


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