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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-02 02:16:54

At Sunday 2004-08-01 16:37, you wrote:
>Victor A. Wagner Jr. writes:
> > I have NO idea what criteria build_monitor uses to killing
> > processes,
>Two conditions:
>1) They have to be spawned by 'bjam.exe' executable.

         how do you know?

>2) They have to be running for more than 5 minutes or show an
> error dialog window.

         these other things run 100% of the time on my system. in the
middle of the night they may even go for 5 minutes with NO I/O.

> > but when I awoke this morning, it had managed to kill: the dnet
> > "run in the background" ORG process, Pirch (my IRC client), a
> > proxy that lets me get dcc's through my hardware firewall,
> > Trillian (the instant message program), SpyBot resident.....
> > I think you get the picture.
>How did you determine that it's build_monitor that caused all
>that? While there is always a possibility of a program having bugs,
>it's hard to believe that this particular one started to misbehave
>all of a sudden after a year of stable work and no changes to the
>source code.
> > this thing just walked through my system like a hoard of Vandals
> > (or was it Visigoths). whatever
>I'm sorry to hear about the whole thing, but let's get to the roots
>of it. First of all, why do you think it was build_monitor? Second,
>what operating system are you running?

1) My system has run flawlessly for over a year also and two days ago was
when I first installed monitoring.....
the first time it ran a bunch of stuff wasn't working in the morning, but
I'd been very tired when I went to bed and figured MAYBE I'd shut them down
(unlikely as I _never_ _NEVER_ shut down the dnet client)...but I let it
go... I made some changes to so it would work better here
then manually ran the system that problems. I let it run
automatically again overnight and "bam" all these things that are ONLY
started at login time and NEVER touched by me are missing again....
the _logical_ place to look is at "what's new?"... what's new
is -monitored on the test line in my script.
btw, this morning I also noticed that build_monitor had it's own window
open and was spewing out TONS or data to it... is that normal?

I took out the teststreams test (I think) but this afternoon's run had
already started... but I chose ignore when the modal dialog (may the .....)
popped up. btw, tho my log clearly shows them sent to the ftp site,
they're not on the website yet... the date is Sunday the time 21:30:03 in
the xml file

I'd be more than happy to help find this as any problems in running the
regression tests will just mean less folks willing to run them. if you get
back to me quickly, I can turn on the "-monitored" again... the run starts
in just over 2 hours (on the 1/2 hour) (still missing teststreams at this

2) WinXPpro sp1

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>MetaCommunications Engineering
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