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From: Michael Glassford (glassfordm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-02 08:38:57

Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:
> Michael Glassford wrote:
>>Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:
>>>Following is an implementation of, and some comments on, a staticly
>>>linked Boost.Thread thread exit handler for MSVC.
>>>By the way, I appologize for talking so long to cough this up after
>>>posting teasing remarks about this months ago. Programming is presently
>>>a hobby and volunteer work for me, unfortunately.
>>Thanks! I've been looking forward to you posting this, and it appears to
>>work beautifully for VC++ 7.1 (as others have already commented). Do I
>>have your permission to included it in Boost.Threads under the Boost
>>license (with your name on it, of course)?
> Yes, you and anyone else have perpetual permission to offer it under any
> license you choose.

Thank you. It's in, and will be in the upcoming release. A lot of people
will be happy, including me! I look forward to the GCC version as well,
though I haven't yet used GCC myself.

> I'm working on a way to do this under VC6. Please let me know if theres
> any other way I can be of assistance with regards to this.

By the way, in your posting, you had this code:

// Report thread and process detach events.
void NTAPI tls_callback (PVOID, DWORD Reason, PVOID) {

   if(Reason == DLL_THREAD_DETACH)
   else if(Reason == DLL_PROCESS_DETACH) {

If I understand what DLL_PROCESS_DETACH means (the thread is being
notified that it is being detached because the process is exiting), the
call to on_process_exit() is incorrect; on_process_exit() is meant to be
called when the process actually exits (it calls TlsFree()). The most
likely place to call it is at the end of main() or after the main thread


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