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From: Brian Riis (brian_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-16 10:49:37

Brian Riis wrote:
> Robert Ramey wrote:
>>> Again, Robert, I have to thank you immensely for the
>>> Serialization library. It has made my life much easier.
>>> Anyway, I was wondering, since you state in the manual that all
>>> STL containers are supported, why I can't seem to find
>>> std::bitset in that. I realize that it is probably not the most
>>> common container to serialize, but still. Also, considering the
>>> is Boost library now, I'm wondering about the apparent absence of
>>> serialization for boost::tuple. It's not the end of the world (I
>>> can write them myself rather easily, I suppose), but for
>>> completeness I'd think at least Boost.Tuple should be supported.
>> LOL - I never heard of std::bitset until you mentioned it. Also I
>> think I overlooked vector<bool> as well.
> Well, as I said: not the most often used STL collection. Anyway, I
> have now, what I *think* is a working std::bitset serialization
> routine. Needs a little testing, though. Also I've written no test
> case (yet).
> You *did* remember std::vector<bool> though. It's in
> <boost/serialization/vector.hpp>, so no problems here.
> I'll see if I can get a test case thrown together for std::bitset.
> I'll take a look at boost::tuple as well (but that should be big time
> trivial, so... :) )

Erh... trivial, but tedious. Seeing as I have to redo the serialize
funtion for all possible lengths of a tuple (0 to 10 contained
elements). Unless I missed something obvious? (again)

Anyway, is serialization for tuples supposed to be a Boost.Serialization
add-on or a Boost.Tuples add-on? As Jeff Garland mentioned, generally
std::* should be in Serialization, and anything else in the respective
library. However, Boost.Serialization already provides support for e.g.
shared_ptr<> and Boost.Optional. So...?

  /Brian Riis

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