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From: Tony Juricic (tonygeek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-18 15:00:31

"Robert Ramey"

> a) it's a pain to setup up 50 the vc projects to use the bjam locations. .
> I've changed the type of build, threading, use dll vs static lib, etc a
> couple of times and it's a huge pain each time.

I understand. That last thing I intend is to prophesize MS IDE (or any
comnpiler specific build environment) idiosyncrasies but, OTOH, IMO, it will
take less time to fix these issues than it will take for jamboost Yahoo
egroup users and moderators to learn to click the button and check posts on
the previous page or answer simple questions.

> b) it requires that bjam already have been run once in order to create the
> required directories

In the worst case, one batch file can fix that. Run the file, click the
mouse, ... no need to wait for Gods to answer few simple questions.

> If you want to fix up the whole set of projects for vc 7.1 and vc 6 ide
> consistent with the above I would be appreciative. Let me know if you want
> to do this and I'll send you my most recent copies. Then you can send it
> back and I can test it and check it in.

Why not? I am intersted in boost, not in debugging xy version of bjam or
whatever I'm supposed to 'need' to build boost. Let's do it. Let me know
exactly what you want/need and we'll test it back and forth.

> LOL - Build systems and issues in general drive me crazy. So do
> in compiler function re arcane corners of C++. So does rap music.

I know. But, in the end, to do the real work, debugging and testing in any
particular environment, we have to stick with the particular compiler and
particular platform. No cross-platform build tool is going to help in that
case. That's why I consider generic build tool fantasies a major waste of
developer's time and resources.


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