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From: Paul A Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-11 15:18:12

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| > Serif or sans serif?

| Regardless, I think it should be up to the user.

I strongly second a 'user choice' requirement because the most comfortable
font (and also its width/boldness) depends so much on the size and
resolution, and between pixelly LCD and fuzzier electron beam.

There is even a compromise between viewing in a tiny font to get a whole
page, or two even, on screen to get ones bearing, and viewing a larger font
when trying to get ones head around some detail.

Nice browsers make this easy, Mozilla, Adobe Reader ... and Boost Doc must
allow and indeed encourage this too, perhaps by also providing some sample
css versions to suit different catagories - eg tiny phone & PDA, basic 1024
VDU, basic 1024 LCD, reassuring expensive/large >=1600 VDU and LCD?

Nasty web designers impose their font size on you - making it illegiblely
small on high-end resolutions, and maddening scrolling on low resolution
displays. (Some Big Boys have more money then sense?)

For text I'm Henry Ford man - any colour as long as it is black on white,
but I would very much like code in (my) colors.

And I prefer serifs - if only to distiguish text from code.

But overall I like the New Look.


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