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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-08 15:04:50

> - By attaching validation routines and the like in your scripting layer, you
> can tune these without having to rebuild your program, or even restart it if
> you're lucky.

true, but that validation is really trivial. When complex things come,
you're in the dark.

Again, the save_dlg concept I've told you before, it allows validation
as well (really complex, if you wish).

>>>b) can less easily tweak a running program to try out different ideas.
>>We're missing a good GUI designer... But we're slowly getting there ;)
> The GUI designer can't help with attaching data, validation routines or
> anything else, unless those things are exposed to script.

That is not necessary true. I could for instance, create a simple wizard
, which given a few C++ classes, allows you to select the data you want
to show visually, some validation code, and could generate (some
trivial) save_dlg::corresp class.

> [...]
> Similarly, you've constructed an elegant way of linking data, validation
> routines and UI elements together, from C++. Your usage examples are concise
> and expressive. But does that justify the sheer weight of header files that


> they require? One could write probably less than half as much code to
> deliver similar results using Pyrex and Python. It wouldn't run quite as
> fast as your code. But it would give a smaller, more versatile runtime. In
> fact, there's an embryonic project to do just that at:

If you're just for a few controls on a dialog or so + trivial
validation, then I assume you would be better off with a scripting language.

But GUI is so much more than that. It's delivering nice-looking dialogs
to users, giving them a consistent look, showing them tooltips, etc.,
and sometimes using every support from the OS to make your app. as
visually appealing as possible (for example, this could mean using
::AlphaBlend on Win2000). And lets not forget hyper links, HTML
controls, splitters, bitmap buttons, easy tab dialogs, having your
application on the sys tray, easy menu handling, and so on.


John Torjo,    Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal
-- "Win32 GUI Generics" -- generics & GUI do mix, after all
-- v1.5 - tooltips at your fingertips (work for menus too!)
    + bitmap buttons (work for MessageBox too!)
    + tab dialogs, hyper links, lite html

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