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From: Cory Nelson (phrosty_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-20 03:38:16

You can use tidy to convert your pages to xhtml (warning: it may
change something you weren't expecting) though it won't magically
change html-transitional into xhtml-strict - I can help you on that
one if you want/need, I've got lots of experience with that stuff.

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 00:48:29 -0600, Rene Rivera
<grafik.list_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Cory Nelson wrote:
> > Hmm.. Make the boost logo horizontal, that empty block of blue doesn't
> > look good (imho).
> Noted.. see my reply about this elsewhere.
> > If you must keep the icons,
> I must ;-) They are the elements that make the page interesting. Without
> them the page would be basically back to the original. The point is to
> introduce something non-obtrusive and useful in the page that gives the
> eyes something to do other than fall asleep reading text.
> > make the text for them
> > run right next to their icons and much bigger (took me more than a
> > quick glance to find my way to the text).
> Well this is where I'll likely put my design foot down :-) Icons serve
> the purpose of stand ins for a corresponding text. In this case the
> icons are stand ins for the headings. Icons loose their effectiveness if
> you have the equivalent text near it. This is the stand in usefulness
> not the visual interest usefulness, although it also looses some of that
> because of the distraction that the text becomes.
> My ideal would be to not have the text headings at all. But I concede
> that it is of some clarification value to part of the audience as to
> what the sections contain. The current design ties it to both the
> section and the icon without intruding onto the icon. And it takes at
> most a few seconds for someone to find the text so they are not likely
> to get totally lost.
> > Congrats on using the h* tags correctly, not many people do that ;)
> Thanks :-) HTMLTidy and the W3 validators are my friends on this one.
> > How about making it xhtml/html-strict?
> Will try... Most of the HTML is not mine. It's copied from the CVS state
> and only slightly modified to make the CSS style easier to do. There's
> at least two validations that the HTML currently doesn't pass. All
> because of the Google suggested HTML ;-)
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