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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-20 01:48:29

Cory Nelson wrote:

> Hmm.. Make the boost logo horizontal, that empty block of blue doesn't
> look good (imho).

Noted.. see my reply about this elsewhere.

> If you must keep the icons,

I must ;-) They are the elements that make the page interesting. Without
them the page would be basically back to the original. The point is to
introduce something non-obtrusive and useful in the page that gives the
eyes something to do other than fall asleep reading text.

> make the text for them
> run right next to their icons and much bigger (took me more than a
> quick glance to find my way to the text).

Well this is where I'll likely put my design foot down :-) Icons serve
the purpose of stand ins for a corresponding text. In this case the
icons are stand ins for the headings. Icons loose their effectiveness if
you have the equivalent text near it. This is the stand in usefulness
not the visual interest usefulness, although it also looses some of that
because of the distraction that the text becomes.

My ideal would be to not have the text headings at all. But I concede
that it is of some clarification value to part of the audience as to
what the sections contain. The current design ties it to both the
section and the icon without intruding onto the icon. And it takes at
most a few seconds for someone to find the text so they are not likely
to get totally lost.

> Congrats on using the h* tags correctly, not many people do that ;)

Thanks :-) HTMLTidy and the W3 validators are my friends on this one.

> How about making it xhtml/html-strict?

Will try... Most of the HTML is not mine. It's copied from the CVS state
and only slightly modified to make the CSS style easier to do. There's
at least two validations that the HTML currently doesn't pass. All
because of the Google suggested HTML ;-)

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