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From: Terje Slettebø (tslettebo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-21 07:04:12

>From: "Aaron W. LaFramboise"

>> Rene Rivera wrote:
>> > I know now logo change yet... It's coming!
>> Perhaps while this is being discussed, there might also be some
>> discussion of adoption of a real mascot or emblem to serve as the logo
>> for Boost. Stylized text is fun, but having a real logo adds
>> significantly, in my opinion.

I think our current Boost logo already does that, but that's my opinion.

Whenever I see:

that's Boost for me. I'd think that goes for many others, as well.

I appreciate the efforts in creating a new look for the Boost homepage (although I think it was just fine the way it was, crisp, clear, and fast-loading, and I don't really think adding icons (I mean the navigational ones. The one of Aleksey is great: :) ) or having various background colours necessarily adds anything, and may distract, but that's me), but I think the proposed logo is too "geeky", with angle brackets and curly braces (and "C++" almost disappears against the dark blue. Besides, I don't like C++ being in curly braces - kind of looking like parentheses, as if subordinate):

OTOH I do also like pages that have more colour, and also having icons (such as the Spirit homepage), so I guess it may have much to do with what you're used to, as well.

Regarding the suggestion to have only the more recent news on the front page, with a link to the rest on a separate page, I think that's a good idea. As it is now, the page becomes longer and longer... the more news gets added (all the way from 2002). For example keep only information on the latest release (and perhaps any news items added since it), and the rest on a separate "News" page, linked to from the end of the front page, i.e. "More news" (link).

Other things (present in the front page proposal), like having a uniform link colour (not different looking links depending on whether you've visited it or not), may also be a good idea. Different colours for visited/unvisited links may help navigating larger sites, or pages with a long list of links (knowing where you've been), but in the case of Boost, the aesthetic effect of uniform link colours might be more important.




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