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From: Angus Leeming (angus.leeming_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-23 10:27:08

Rich Johnson wrote:

> On another topic....
> I seem to recall a boost::filesystem 'is_equivalent_name()' or
> 'name_equals()' convenience function mentioned sometime over the
> last week or so. There's currently a fair bit of debate over character
> codings, etc.; this function would handle that.

Thanks for the heads up. I skipped many of the 1200+ postings to the
Boost Devel list since I read it last...

I think that I understand what you're talking about. The fact that
Win32 regards 'FileName' and 'filename' as equivalent file names
unless the file has the FILE_FLAG_POSIX_SEMANTICS attribute set,

> AFAIK, these issues have (to date) been outside the scope of the
> globber.
> As they get settled out, this service should be utilized in the glob
> predicate. My main concern would relate to performance--especially
> regarding the frequency of constructing parsers.

You mean the transformation of the globbing pattern '*/*.cpp' into
the equivalent regex? That's done only once, right at the very start
of the process. My tests indicate that my glob function has similar
performance to the system glob on a 'nix box, so long as an
appropriate container is used to store the results.

I'll try and update asap the posted code to reflect my experiments.


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