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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-13 21:28:16

Beman Dawes wrote:
> At 04:47 PM 12/12/2004, Robert Ramey wrote:
> >I have to agree, same experience with my IE6. Even if I increase the
> text
> >size from Medium(default) to Larger, the monospace fonts are much smaller
> >than the other ones.
> >
> >Robert Ramey
> >
> >> All of the monospace text is unreadably small in a default (I think)
> >> IE6 configuration. At least it is in mine. It comes out as
> >> something lik 6 or 7 point courier.
> Same here on a notebook LCD screen. But Firefox doesn't have the
> monospace font problem.

Fixed. And made sure the size is consistent across browsers.

Jeff Garland wrote:
> I did some testing -- mostly good results.
> Platform/Browser
> Linux/Epiphany -- fine (minor chopping of logo on left side)
> Linux/Firefox -- fine (minor chopping of logo on left side)
> Linux/Galeon -- fine (minor chopping of logo on left side)

Can't do much about that even if we had a vector version :-( One
possibility is to let it bleed into the rest of the text. Not a good
choice IMO.

> Linux/Konqueror -- Search did not render Google logo, instead a
button with
> 'Google Search' (doesn't quite look right).

Not all browsers support enough of CSS to change the button image, but
they should fall back to showing the button label. How does it not look
right? Is it too small? (I just changed it so for a possible fix in this
case) Is the text messed up somehow?

Also, no
> rollover display on left side menu. This is
> 3.2.0

Again, not all browsers are smart enough :-( For example IE doesn't
display the rollover frame highlight on the menu either.

> Win98/IE 6 -- fine
> Win98/Firefox -- fine
> Win98/Netscape 7 -- fine
> WinXPSP2/IE 6 -- fine
> WinXPSP2/Firefox -- fine

Thanks :-)

> Couple minor thoughts:
> 1) I noticed slow loading of the W3C graphics. I think in the final
> we should make these local to the boost site (or ditch them).

Changed now, it might still be slow as my upload bandwidth is only a T1.

> 2) Can we expand the search box a bit? I think it would make it more
> and since your design nicely flows the text adding a bit more room
> really change the page much.

Yes, done.

> Anyway, excellent work!

Thank you!

Daniel Frey wrote:
> Two things I noticed, using Firefox:
> Moving the mouse over the navigation bar leads to the items to flicker
> on mouse-over/mouse-away. Maybe just a Firefox-issue? But then. "normal"
> links don't show that problem...

It's a Firefox only problem AFAIK. Minor problem though ;-)

> The second point is, that the headline for 1.31.0 is now left of Aleksey
> Gurtovoy's picture. Maybe that's due to my screensize (1600x1200), which
> allows a lot of text in a single line, so there are not enough lines in
> the paragraph that contains the image.

Nice catch! Fixed now.

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