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From: Dave Handley (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-27 12:39:53

Christopher Diggins wrote:

>Would you please post the grammar productions you used for Spirit? Would
>consider testing the yard parser as well, ? Are
>there other advantages of your tool over Flex, other than providing a nice
>interface to Spirit?

The grammar for Spirit was (in a slightly cut down form):

keyword =
 str_p( "Group" ) |
 str_p( "Separator" ) |
comment =
  ch_p( '#' ) >> * ( ~chset_p( "\n\r" ) ) >> chset_p( "\n\r" )
stringLiteral =
  ch_p( '\"' ) >> * ( ~chset_p( "\"\n\r" ) ) >> chset_p( "\"\n\r" )
word =
  ( alpha_p | ch_p( '_' ) ) >>
  * ( alnum_p | ch_p( '_' ) )
floatNum =
vrml = *( keyword | comment | stringLiteral | word | floatNum );

I've cut down the keywords because there are over 60 of them. I would be
interested to know if there was any obvious ways to optimise the Spirit

Regarding writing a comparitive test for YARD, I will certainly consider it,
although I have no experience of using YARD. I've written quite a lot of
flex/bison parsers, written a number of Spirit based parsers, and hand coded
a number in my time, but I would need to spend a little time learning the
YARD framework first.

There are a number of advantages over Flex (including a nice interface to
Spirit). The key ones are:

1) An extensible object oriented approach to writing the entire system.
This can be very useful if you want to handle something like say the parsing
of a filename in the lexer. You can simply write a new token type that will
split the incoming filename into path, extension, name, etc. This can
massively simplify the production of a final parser - allowing you to deal
with grammar issues at that stage.
2) DFAs can be created at run-time, or eventually compile-time.
3) The code is considerably less obfuscated than the code produced by
flex. Don't get me wrong, I like flex a lot, but the pre-processor
directives, and look-up tables in the generated code are pretty unreadable

Dave Handley

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