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From: Joel de Guzman (joel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-14 01:59:47

Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
> Joel de Guzman wrote:
>>VC7.1 still bombs with "buffer overrun". Here's the bjam output:
>>C:\dev\boost\libs\wave\build>bjam --v2
>>...found 108 targets...
>>...updating 5 targets...
>> call "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
>>2003\Vc7\bin\ t" > nul cl /Zm800 -nologo -TP
>>-DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1 /Z7 /Od /Ob0 /EHsc /GR
>>/MDd -I"C
>>:\dev\boost" -c
>>grammar.obj" "..\src\instantiate_cpp_grammar.cpp"
> There is still the /GR option (enable rtti) on the command line. The
> '<toolset>vc-7_1:<rtti>off' option should switch this off (at least it does
> for the library itself ?-).
>>...failed msvc.compile.c++
>>Did I do something wrong?
> Could you double check please, that you've added the ':
> <toolset>vc-7_1:<rtti>off' to the Jamfile.v2? For instance the Jamfile for
> the quick_start sample should look like:
> exe quick_start
> : ../quick_start.cpp
> ../../../build//boost_wave
> :
> <toolset>vc-7_1:<rtti>off # workaround for compiler bug
> ;
> Otherwise I'm out of clues :-(

No, it is the library I am trying to build.
It's always there. libs/wave/build/Jamfile.v2 has it:

lib boost_wave
     : $(SOURCES).cpp /boost/filesystem//boost_filesystem
     : <toolset>vc-7_1:<rtti>off # workaround for compiler bug
         # Not supported by V2
         # <no-warn>

I have no clue why it's still bombing. Anyway, I switched to
bjam V1 and everything's fine. You might want to confirm this
though. If it's any help, I'm testing Wave against Boost 1.32.0,
not the current HEAD.

Joel de Guzman

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