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From: Tom Brinkman (reportbase_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-20 12:20:57

The boost::wave library is accepted into boost.

A couple of review comments are summarized below
from Paul Mensonides and Joel de Guzman.

Paul Mensonides stated:
"I think that the design and implementation are good.

The library has reasonable performance in
preprocessing complex
examples and is more conformant to the standards than
other vendors' preprocessors. Nearly every tool that
C++ source effectively needs to have the ability to
that source. Having a plugable preprocessor is a boon
tool developers--including possible future Boost
That said, the potential usefulness of the library
(as a library) is fairly restricted to tool
OTOH, the driver can be used as a replacement for
preprocessors without a great deal of effort.
Furthermore, the
tracing ability of the library (and, by extension, the
makes it hands-down the best tool for debugging
complex preprocessor metaprograms. This is especially

true because tracing can be turned on and off
mid-expansion with pragmas (in particular, with the
operator borrowed from C99). My use of the
has spanned a couple years now, and during that time
has fixed nearly all problems that I've encountered.
Beyond the utility and capabilities of the library,
the existence of the library makes a worthwhile
statement to compiler vendors. I endorse the concept
a Boost preprocessor, and I endorse this particular
realization of that concept. Furthermore, I endorse
author (Hartmut). He has been a very responsible and
responsive implementor/maintainer--for Spirit as
well as the Wave project."

Joel de Guzman stated:
"I think this (wave) is the most flexible
I know. It's a c++ library, so I expected full
Hartmut was very thorough in his design with more than

enough links and hooks through policies and callbacks
do almost anything imaginable. The structure is highly

modular. The implementation is very good. Hartmut has
been a very avid Spirit developer and I've known
him to be an excelent coder. I took a peek at the
sure enough, he's a Spirit expert who can churn out
really cool Spirit parsers."

Review Managers Conclusion:
As the wave library has been in active development
for three years, has the endorsement of key boost
and has demonstrated great utility, I think that
boost::wave should be added to boost without delay.

Congratulations and thanks to Hartmut Kaiser for
his submission.

Tom Brinkman
Review Manager - boost::wave

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