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From: Jonathan Turkanis (technews_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-07 14:43:58

Pavel Chikulaev wrote:
> "Jonathan Turkanis" <technews_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> news:d0i7jt$60a$
>> Now that I look at your sample, I wonder whether it is possible to
>> support operators which take instances of different types. This
>> would be essential for an expression templates library.
> Example:

<snip example>

Okay, good.

> I'm predicting you're next question - Is templates supported? Yes.
> Example:
> template<typename T>
> class Matrix
> {
> static lazy::type<Matrix> Matrix_;
> template<typename U>
> struct Matrix__ : lazy::type<Matrix<U> > {};
> public:
> template<typename U>
> LAZY_OP(Matrix_ + Matrix__<U>()); //A bit uglier, isn't it?
> };

What about templates with more than one parameter:

     template<typename U, typename V>
     LAZY_OP(Matrix_ + Matrix__<U, V>()); // unprotected comma

>> Have you considered the approach taken by Boost.Operators?
> Not yet.
> I still don't know whether to make += lazy operator or
> code += operator as usual.

All operators should be lazy, for maximum generality.

>> Also, I believe Fusion (the sucessor to Tuple) would be a valuable
>> tool.
> Is it (same as)(old version of) Tuple?

No. (What would be the point, then?) It provides extensible tuple-like
sequences, together with a collectin of algorithms and adapters, similar to MPL.
I think it's not documented, but last time I looked at it, the design was close
enough to MPL that if you knew MPL and Tuple it would be easy to start using.

The reason I though Fusion would be relevant is that in an expression template
library, the information about a complex expression that you need to maintain in
order for it to be evaluated once it is complete is:

 1. A list of all the concrete objects which particpate in the expression
 2. The structure of the expression.

Fusion may provide the infrastructure for this. In the iostreams library, I used
something like a homemade tuple; but for a more ambitious implementation of
expression templates I would want to use existing tools as much as possible.


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