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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-09 13:38:41

Arkadiy Vertleyb wrote:
> "Rene Rivera" <grafik.list_at_[hidden]> wrote
>>After some portability changes to the build files, this is what
>>compiling on CodeWarrior 8.3 on Windows2K shows...
>>...found 669 targets...
>>...updating 12 targets...
>>[some warnings]
>>...updated 12 targets...
> The warnings should disappear if semicolons are removed from the lines 294,
> 298, 303.

I know :-)

> I will upload the updated version once I fix some other problems.

Good.. Just holler if you need more testing.

> Also some more questions:

Some of the questions are answered by looking at:

Other answers...

> 1) Does this compiler have a native typeof?
> 2) Does it have some kind of "GCC mode"? I believe some compiler does, but
> I think it was Intel...

If by "GCC mode" you mean, compile like GCC. No. The only "GCC"
compatibility I know of that it has is configuring it so that it
searches for includes as GCC does.

> 3) Does it support partial template specialization (I believe all compilers
> support it except vc6/7.0)?
> 4) What portability changes did you make to the build files?

a. [minor] in boost-build.jam you can just use "/" instead of
"$(SLASH)". BB will deal with it :-) -- Not really a portability issue
for absolute paths, but it would be if using a relative path.

b. Use "Jamfile", and "Jamrules" instead of "jamfile", and "jamrules".
Case is important in non-windows platforms.

c. In Jamfile, using "sysinclude" instead of "include". It matters for
some compilers that make clear distinctions between the two, like CW.

d. In Jamfile, use an "absolute" path instead of < include >../../.. --
The path will only work if the compiler uses the current directory to
search from. And will break as soon as someone compiles outside of the
specific directory.

I'm attaching my version of Jamfile.

> I am just trying to figure out which path the compiler chose... It would be
> much simpler if I knew of a portable way to output a message, like MSVC's
> pragma:
> #pragma message("using compliant implementation")
> Does CodeWarrior have anything similar?

It supports exactly that. CW supports most of the Microsoft "features"
just so it can deal with windows.h :-)

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project-root ;

variant debug_native : debug ;
variant release_native : release ;

local .pwd. = [ PWD ] ;

exe typeof
        debug debug_native

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