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From: Mark Blewett (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-10 17:20:16

At 16:51 10/04/2005, you wrote:
>Mark Blewett wrote:
>>At 10:23 10/04/2005, Dave Abrahams wrote:
>>>Rene Rivera <grafik.list_at_[hidden]> writes:
>>> >
>>>It's very unusual, but I _think_ I like it overall. I think the right
>>>column could use some reorganization; the groupings don't feel very
>>>natural to me. But I can't come up with a better suggestion right now ;-)
>>I like it too.
>Thank you all :-)

No thank you :-) Having tried a small amount of html authoring myself in
the past, I know its difficult writing to be both compliant and displayed
reasonably in all sorts of browsers... it should be simple, but in reality
its certainly not.

>>I think is slightly unusual (in web design) to have the links on the
>>right hand side, but to me it actually makes reading the content (the
>>text on the left) more natural and book like.
>>A few minor (and possibly subjective) thoughts;
>>1) To me it seems a bit strange having the revised / copyright / license
>>/ icons bit halfway down the page on the right hand side. I think it
>>would maybe better at the bottom of the page.
>If by at the bottom you mean below both columns.. It's possible but it
>would require some different styling possibly throwing off the L&F. If you
>mean keeping it on the right column but at the bottom.. It's not really
>possible (well at least not possible without using a slew of tables).

I was thinking at the bottom of both columns as a footer. Would it just be
a case not much more than moving the <div> block to an outer scope?

Looking again, I think part of the reason I was thinking this is that the
navigation for support / other resources / official branch / unofficial
branch sites is grouped (via the shading to the right / bottom) with the
revised / copyright.

Just a thought, but perhaps separating this into a "box" for the navigation
(like the prior links on the page) and a new "box" for the revised /
copyright section etc.. perhaps without the border to indicate its not a
set of links.

>>2) In the Updated Libraries section, maybe it would be better for the
>>library name to occupy a line on its own? i.e.
>> Graph Library:
>> Introduced several new algorithms and improved existing
>> algorithms:
>> +
>> <>floyd
>> warshall all pairs shortest paths, from Lauren Foutz and Scott Hill.
>> +etc
>>To me it makes it easier to scan the list to find the library you are
>>looking for.
>OK, I'll see what I can do to increase the visibility of the library names.
>>3) Finally (I'm not sure about this idea.. but would be interested to see
>>whether it is an improvement or not).
>>Viewing with a browser width of about 800px (half my desktop width).. at
>>the bottom of the page the text of the left has 5 or 6 words per line..
>>but there is unused space on the right of the page.
>>Would it be possible to allow the text on the left to flow across to the
>>right side of the page if there is space available?
>It's possible, but it would jumble the document structure in such a way as
>to make it painful for alternate viewers. Currently the structure is: (
>(section-text sidebar) (section-text sidebar) (section-text sidebar) ).
>That allows people using lynx ([1], blind screen
>audio readers, and other handicapped users to still read the page. To
>implement the suggestion I would have to change the doc structure to: (
>(sidebar section-text) (sidebar section-text) (sidebar section-text) ).
>Clearly not a desirable arrangement.

Good point, I agree its clearly not a desirable arrangement.


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