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From: Manish Mangal (mmangal_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-13 21:18:39


I am trying to create the boost libraries with toolset vc-7_1-stlport.
STLPort 4.6.2 has been installed

Successfully and runs fine on the system ( VC .Net2003 C++7.1).


The problem is that only the multi-threaded libaries are being created. The
single threaded (dynamic and static) are not being genereated.

I also read on earlier posts a few problems with wchar_t.


So I modified the vc71.mak file of STLPort4.6.2 to add /Zc:wchar_t and then
recompiled STLPort. I also changed the Vc-7_1-stlport-tools.jam file to look

#feature native-wchar_t : off on ;

feature native-wchar_t : on off ;


Since the Multi-threaded libraries are being built, I assume I do not have
the wchar_t problem.


The bjam command I use is:

bjam "-sTOOLS=vc-7_1-stlport" "-sSTLPORT_VERSION=4.6.2"
"-sSTLPORT_4.6.2_PATH=C:\SourceLibrary\STLport-4.6.2" "-sBUILD=debug release
<runtime-link>static/dynamic <threading>single/multi <stlport-iostream>on
<native-wchar_t>on" install


On one of the boost.regex pages it is written : Note that the full STLPort
libraries appear not to support single-thread static builds....


If it is not possible to create single threaded static builds then how to
use the boost multi-threaded date_time libraries with the STLport


Any help is much appreciated.



Manish Mangal

Stratagen Systems

1-425.821.8454 ext. 136


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