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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-14 10:00:54

Peter Dimov wrote:
> Rene Rivera wrote:
>> OK, I tried translating the gcc_x86. But I just don't understand the
>> GCC machine description language well enough. What does the assembly
>> end up being for all those memory, cc, etc. ?
> I don't think that CodeWarrior has any way of specifying whether an asm
> statement affects memory, clobbers a register, or should not be
> reordered. It's supposedly (and hopefully) smart enough to figure these
> things out on its own. ;-)

It is smart enough, and you have to jump some hoops to make it optimize
assembly blocks.. But I also meant all the other GCC constructs that I
don't know :-) For example MOVL is not x86 assembly, but some GCC
construct, and I'm not totally sure yet if it's just the argument
inverted version of MOV. This is what I came up with for the

inline int atomic_conditional_increment( int * pw )
     // int rv = *pw;
     // if( rv != 0 ) ++*pw;
     // return rv;

     int rv;
     int register tmp;

         mov eax, [pw]
         test eax, eax
         je L1
         mov tmp, eax
         inc tmp
         cmpxchg [pw], tmp
         jne L0
         mov rv, eax
         //~ "movl %0, %%eax\n\t"
         //~ "0:\n\t"
         //~ "test %%eax, %%eax\n\t"
         //~ "je 1f\n\t"
         //~ "movl %%eax, %2\n\t"
         //~ "incl %2\n\t"
         //~ "lock\n\t"
         //~ "cmpxchgl %2, %0\n\t"
         //~ "jne 0b\n\t"
         //~ "1:":
         //~ "=m"( *pw ), "=&a"( rv ), "=&r"( tmp ): // outputs (%0, %1, %2)
         //~ "m"( *pw ): // input (%3)
         //~ "cc" // clobbers

     return rv;

But, even though the logic seems correct to me, it doesn't work.

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