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From: Comeau Computing (comeau_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-29 12:30:54

At 06:04 PM 4/26/2005 +0300, Peter Dimov wrote:
>Comeau Computing wrote:
>>At 11:09 AM 4/26/2005 +0100, Bronek Kozicki wrote:
>>>....Como compiler (current version) does not
>>>support DLLs, and this is what makes Boost.Thread inacessible to como
>>>toolset. I have a reason to believe that next version of como
>>>compiler (due soon) will support DLLs.
>>Yes, there's a few kind of catch-22 situations going on. In short,
>>yes, we've finally(!) begun official support of Windows programming
>>and some minimal support has been added for use with VC++ as a
>>backend, but does not yet include support of DLLs. Whether that can
>>get into the next release or not is still up in the air. Existing
>>licensees can get an alpha version of what is currently available. The
>>plan is: minimal support, then full support incl DLLs, then some
>>still to be determined special strict mode / Windows mode combo, then
>>said for as many additional backends as possible/makes sense.
>For shared_ptr in particular, I'd appreciate if "minimal support" includes
>recognizing __stdcall (and optionally __declspec(dllimport) but I think
>that this is not required) in strict mode so that it can import
>InterlockedIncrement and friends from the Windows kernel. Another
>alternative would be to pass the _InterlockedIncrement intrinsic to the
>underlying VC++ backend as-is, if possible.

The minimal support mentioned above was for non-strict mode. Anyway,
we're favoring the former for now for a new combo strict mode when that
bridge is crossed.

- Greg

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