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From: Mathew Robertson (mathew.robertson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-09 20:17:52

> >> However it is implemented, it should be 'named' so that it is
> >> obvious to a person reading over the code, that the test is checking
> >> for a specific capability.
> >
> > Agreed. That's part of the point I'm trying to make with Peter.
> The is_other test _isn't checking_ for a specific capability! That's the
> whole point!

apologies... when I said "... the test is checking for a specific capablity." it came across wrong.

What I meant was, if we have code like:

if (is_file("/some/path/")) {

[ where "/some/path/" is a directory in the traditional sense ]

The 'checking' is not "does the capability exist" -> rather "is the capability true", where false would be a result of the platform not supporing a valid implementation of is_file() or it isn't an actual file.

That said, these is_blah()'s are really tri-state values - not boolean. Should their specification be:

int is_file(const char *)

where the return values can be:

-1 error, and errno is set with the error value
0 false
1 true



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