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From: Mark Blewett (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-19 16:58:46

Hi John,

Here's my current scenario.. I've ignored the common things (like date/time
stamping, being able to compiling out all logging etc which others have
mentioned), and concentrated on the more unusual yet useful things we use.

1) Each trace (log) many have zero or more observers (appender) with
independent control of what is seen.

For example our production systems run with an observer which only writes
only critical/error messages to a local file. However we also provide
off-site support, where we remotely connect (possibly multiple people
connecting) via tcp/ip to the logging system, where each person has their
own view and only sees the traces that they have enabled.

2) Redirecting cout / cerr to a trace.

For example we use some 3rd party libraries which write errors to cout /
cerr etc, so we allow the option of running (via a command line option) in
console mode (anything written to std output appears), or silent mode,
where cout / cerr is redirected to its own trace.

3) Different formats (modifiiers) for different observers.

For example for a file format we might like each line as "<date> <time> :
<trace> : <level> : <message>", where as we might also like to send the
same data across the network in xml / asn1 format, or even insert a row
into a database table.

As to how important these would be to me: 1) & 3) would be very important,
2) would be a nicety.

I hope this helps!


At 19:20 19/05/2005, John Torjo wrote:
>Hi all,
>In order to make the Logging lib as usable as it can be, I'd like to know
>what is *your* scenario, when using a Logging lib.
>Thus, I'll do my best to make it as easy as possible to use my lib, and
>also tweak it to be easily usable in most common scenarios.
>Even if you scenario fits an already described one, please just reply to
>that email with something like "mine too!", so that I'll know which
>scenarios are most common.
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