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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-21 22:35:34

Daniel Frey wrote:

> John Torjo wrote:
>>Daniel Frey wrote:
>>>John Torjo wrote:
>>>>I've just updated the Boost Log Library:
>>>It's good to see progress on logging and what I've seen so far looks
>>>promising. However...
>>>>BOOST_LOG(app) << "testing " << i << '-' << j << '-' << k << std::endl;
>>>>BOOST_LOG(dbg) << "this is a debug message, i=" << i << std::endl;
>>>>BOOST_LOG(info) << "I just wanted to tell you something....";
>>>...while I like the feeling of the stream approach from a user's
>>>perspective, there is one (IMHO important) feature that can not be
>>>implemented with it: Exception guards.
>>When there's a will, there's a way ;)
>>You do raise a very valid point -- about exceptions. I will add
>>exception guards.
> Looking at the latest version (, I neither found them in the
> code nor on the ToDo-list. And I can't imagine how you could be able to
> add them with the current design, but I might be missing something. Care
> to share your ideas how to do it even in case the technique probably
> won't make it into your library? I'm just curious to learn a new trick :))

As far as I can think right now, it should be something like :

if ( std::uncaught_exception())
   return; // there's an exception

try {
} catch(...) {
   // an exception occured while logging
   // eventually could call an on_logging_exception handler
   // then, eat this exception (it occured while logging)

Of course, this just came out of the top of my head, at 5am in the
morning, so it's probably going to be a little more complex ;)

> Another point: IIRC, some month ago we talked about the logging library
> in an earlier version. I proposed to allow
> if( app ) { ... }
> instead of
> if( BOOST_IS_LOG_ENABLED(app) ) { ... }
> and you agreed it makes sense. AFAIR it appeared to be very easy, but
> the library evolved since then. Is it still possible in the current library?

It is, with one small elaboration.
At this time, when doing
BOOST_DEFINE_LOG(app), BOOST_DECLARE_LOG(app), internally, I append
something like "_log" to the actual log name, as to not collide with any
other possible uses of 'app' as a variable or whatever.

Thus, you could say:

// note: it even works now
if ( app_log() ) { ... }


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