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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-06-21 05:32:54

Hi Andy,

Sorry for not explaining the role of flush_log_cache() in the docs.

The flush_log_cache() should be called after you've *initialized* all
the logs (in other words, after you've added all appenders and/or

In your code, it should be:

// note: no need for the below call
// set_log_caching(true);
        logger l_lgArray("lgArray");
        logger l_lgCout("lgCout");
        add_appender("lgCout", write_to_cout);

        ThreadTest(l_lgArray, 1, 20000);

The purpose of flush_log_cache() is to flush everything you've written
to logs, before they were ***fully initialized***. This is especially
useful in case you do logging when static variables are initialized --
without this mechanism, logging would happen too soon, and would end up
writing nowhere.


BOOST_LOG(app) << "where does this get written?"; // [1]
add_appender("app", write_to_cout);
add_appender("app", write_to_debug);
// here, it knows where to log [1]

As for making all pending writes complete -- this is a defect of
ts_appender() class -- which I want to correct.


> I'm not sure I understand correctly, but it appears that flush_log_cache
> in the logging library doesn't actually force everything in the pipeline
> to be written by the logging thread to be written. Empirically, it seems
> that I had to add a sleep to the end of my program to cause everything
> to be written. Code-review-wise, and here I'm pretty sure I don't
> completely understand, it appears that flush_log_cache pushes things
> further down the pipeline but doesn't actually synchronize (wait for)
> the writing thread to complete. It seems like there maybe should be some
> kind of routine that "blocks" until all pending writes are complete,
> maybe just a wrapper around the ability to request the writing thread to
> finish, and then wait for it to complete. Maybe this mechanism is
> already present? I suppose that brings up other complications, such as
> what if some other thread logs something after we've asked it to stop.
> In the code I was testing, I had a ts_appender, to which I added a
> appender_array, to which I added 4 write_to_files. For ~ 10 seconds I
> wrote to the log. Then I call flush_log_cache. If I don't then sleep a
> few seconds, the files are not all identical.


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