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Date: 2005-08-10 14:29:49

Bugs item #1256121, was opened at 2005-08-10 12:29
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Category: smart_ptr
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Peter Dimov (pdimov)
Summary: 1.33 R1/R2's shared_ptr crashes due to inlining in CW PPC

Initial Comment:

My name is John Daub, email:

I am using CodeWarrior Pro 9.5 on a dual G5/2GHz PowerMac
(PPC). I believe the version of boost that I am using is 1.33 R1 as
version.hpp says 1.33 and since 1.33 R2 was released only 2
days ago, I figure I must be using R1 (I didn't put boost into our
CVS repository... someone else did that so I can't say what
version of boost I have any more than that). However, I did check
the 1.33 R2 and it seems to have the same problem. Going back
to 1.32 however, I do not have the problem. It appears to be
something introduced in 1.33.

The problem stems from my use of the boost::shared_ptr class,
and then ultimately how shared_ptr uses sp_counted_base to
track the useCount. It seems boost 1.33 has introduced compiler
and processor specific implementations of sp_counted_base. In
the CodeWarrior PPC version (boost/detail/
sp_counted_base_cw_ppc.hpp) there are 3 inline functions:
atomic_increment, atomic_decrement,
atomic_conditional_increment. These 3 inline functions use inline
assembly to do their work. That's fine.

However, if you set the CW compiler to build with "don't inline",
things work out fine. You can run and play and no problems. If
however you set the CW compiler to "smart" inlining, then you will
crash because these atomic functions don't work for some reason.
FWIW, the other inlining options are set as follows: auto-inline is
off, deferred inling is off, bottom-up inlining is on.

You should be able to reproduce this yourself. I used my CW Pro
9.5 install and created a new project based upon the Mac OS C++
Stationery (the Mac OS Carbon, Standard Console, C++ Console
Carbon, stationery). I added an access path to my boost library
folder, and I added your own test file from boost-distro/libs/
smart_ptr/shared_ptr_test.cpp to the project. I changed nothing
else about the project... just stock CodeWarrior stationery.

If you ensure inlining is set to "don't inline", build, and it runs fine.
If you then go back, change the setting to "smart" inlining, rebuild,
and then run, you should see the console window comes up,
some stuff appears in the window but quickly things crash. The
problem is the useCount doesn't seem to increment, so when it
later decrements, the count is off and things go wrong.


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