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From: Kim Barrett (kab_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-19 23:23:35

At 8:32 PM -0700 8/19/05, Robert Ramey wrote:
>Kim Barrett wrote:
> > (As noted in another thread, I've run across
> > some performance issues, which might be addressed by resetting and
>> reusing archives, rather than constructing new archives all the time.)
>So, we have received only anecdotal data on where such performance
>bottlenecks might be.

Reset and reuse demonstrably helps; the question was why. And
Alex Besogonov <cyberax_at_[hidden]> wrote (15-Aug-2005):
> I've managed to pinpoint the bottleneck: it's containers reallocations
> of dynamic storage. Each time serialization is performed at least one
> dynamic memory allocation for each container is neccessary.
> If containers are reused then these allocations are performed only once,
> because STL containers don't deallocate underlying storage in their
> clear/reset/... methods.

That seems like more than anecdotal data...

> > I'm pretty sure that intertwining runtime DLL loading with all of our
>> clients of the serialization library is just not going to fly
>Note that as presentlly implemented an archive used for marshalleling
>something like IPC transaction would be a short operation - open archive
>with a string stream, serialize, close archive, send string to ipc

And as noted previously, that approach of creating a new archive for each
marshalling operation has a significant performance impact.

> My previous suggested solution of deriving from an existing
>archive class an adding would work very well in this case and be
>indistinguishable from a solution which built threading in at a lower level.

Even without the performance implications for creating new archives, this
would not be acceptable in our system. These IPC transactions are part of
a robot control system. We can withstand some fine-grained latencies due to
lock contention for synchronized data structures. Turning off the whole IPC
system for however long it takes to load a DLL is something else entirely.

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