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From: Paolo Coletta (paolo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-16 14:51:53

I would be much interested. Here are my needs.

I need converting from compressed (with compressed formats I mean
downsampled formats such as YUV 4:2:2) to uncompressed formats, or
viceversa. The uncompressed formats I use are BW, RGB, BGR, YUV, with or
without alpha channel. In the uncompressed formats I need to store color
s as 8 bit unsigned (0-255), 16 bits signed or unsigned, or float (0.0-1.0).
The compressed formats I use (or would like to use) are YUYV, UYVY, I420
(planar), and YV12 (planar), RGB555 (16bit), RGB565 (16bit). Other
formats needed are D3DFMT_A2R10G10B10 and D3DFMT_A2B10G10R10 (DirectX
formats, 10 bits for each color and 2 bits for alpha).

I'd like to be able to work on images from other libraries (in
particular Intel IPP or OpenCV). In some cases I'd like to be able to
work inplace (when the image size does not change, e.g. RGB => YUV or
RGB=>BGR). The non inplace case should be always available.

Finally, I'd like to be able to convert from compressed to compressed
formats without having to through the "nearest" uncompressed one (which
is what I have to do now using Intel IPP). E.g., I'd like to be able to
convert directly from YUYV to RGB555 (same for all other possible

Paolo Coletta

Adam Badura wrote:
> Upsss...
> I pressed "send" to fast... :)
> I am gathering materials and working on a library (originaly I wanted
> one class, but it seems now that it wont be that easy) dealing with colors,
> their representation (like ranges 0.0-1.0 and 0-255), models (like RGB, YUV,
> HSV and others). Any sugestions or needs?
> Adam Badura
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