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From: David Crayford (david_crayford_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-22 05:39:18

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>To: boost_at_[hidden]
>From: Joaquín Mª López Muñoz
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>Date: 2005-09-22 06:00PM
>Subjec= t: Re: [boost] Errors compiling multi_index hashed.cpp
>David Crayford ha escrito:
>> > Hi all,
>&= gt; >
>> > I've recently downloaded boost to run on an IBM= mainfram z/OS
>> > (a port of vacpp). I'm tryin= g to compile
>> > cpp (wh= ich I called stuff.cpp)
>> > and I'm getting the following err= ors. I'm a relative newbie
>> > so I'm complet= ely bamboozled by the compiler errors. Help with
>> &g= t; will be greatly appreciated as I am currently in the process
>= > > trying to convince management to switch to C++ from C, and
   boost >is
>> > one of my big hitting selling points.
>&= gt; >
>> > "'DOC.USER.CPP(STUFF)'", line 47.60: CCN6281 (W= ) "offsetof"
>> > be applied to "struct word_c= ounter_entry". It is not a POD
>> > (plain old data) type.<= BR>>
>This warning is harmless, check = info on
>how to supress it.
>> I think this problem = is due to a difference in the version number
>in the
>> _= _IBMCPP__ macro.
>> Although the z/OS compiler is ported fro= m VACPP the
>macro has a
>> different ver= sion number.
>> >From the z/OS 1.6 programming refe= rence:
>> __IBMCPP__ C ++ Only.
>> This macro indicates the version number of the z/OS C++ compiler. >The
>> format of the version number that is provided by th= e macro is
>> PVRRM, where : P Represents the compi= ler product v 0 for C/370 v
>> AD/Cycle C/370 and C/C= ++ for MVS/ESA v 2 for OS/390 C/C++ and 4
>> C/C++= v 4 for z/OS C/C++ Release 2 and laterV Represents the
>version numb= er
>> RR Represents the release number M Represents the modificati= on
>> z/OS C/C++ Version 1 Release 6, the value of= the macro is 41060.
>I also think your problems must be some= how related to
>What is the value then of __I= BMCPP__ on your platform?
>boost/config/compiler/vacpp.h triggers= an error if
   __IBMCPP__ > 600,
>so I guess your value's l= ower than that.
>Joaquín M López Muñoz
>Telefón= ica, Investigación y Desarrollo
>________ _______________________ 5F_= ______________
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      The version is 41060, as described in the doco snippet abo= ve. I
   defined the BOOST_ASSERT_CONFIG macro and got the following error (as expected).

   "Unknown compiler version - ple= ase run the configure tests and
   report the results".
   I suppos= e I had better run the configure tests and report the
   results ;-). Unf= ortunately I'm not going to have much luck running a
   UNIX script on an MVS = mainframe...
   Any ideas for a quick fix?


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