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From: Manfred Doudar (manfred.doudar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-27 12:04:29

Stefan Seefeld wrote:

>Manfred Doudar wrote:
>>The C++ BOOST Libraries are a series of free, peer-reviewed, STL compliant,
>>portable and thread-safe C++ libraries;
>That sounds a little too buzzwordy to my ear.

True - I wasn't too comfortable with it either, but I guess the question
is what is the intended audience - nonetheless, I concur with you 100% in
this regard.

>What does 'STL compliant' actually mean ?

I would have thought it to be suggestive of interoperability with the STL,
containers, iterators, ... etal

But more appropriate rewording more akin to what is meant is in order.

>Also, I don't think boost libraries are generally thread-safe, at least not
>in a general sense.

Up until now I thought its been a requirement (actually I know better -
more so,
its very desirable, as opposed to being mandated obligatory) that all
Boost libraries be thread-safe.

Nonetheless, I should probably ask for a qualification of 'general sense'.

>I believe it would be best not to mention thread-safety
>in a short abstract, or else you'd have to detail the statement quite a bit
>to make it true.

It's a sticky/thorny issue to pin down tightly - but an appropriate wording
would be worth the effort IMHO.

Should it be any consolation, please note - the passage of my first post
was the best I could come up with in a few minutes; nonetheless, I don't
expect it to survive it's initial wording by any measure ;-)


Manfred Doudar
MetOcean Engineers

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