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From: Rob Stewart (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-30 18:16:24

From: David Abrahams <dave_at_[hidden]>
> Rob Stewart <stewart_at_[hidden]> writes:
> > From: David Abrahams <dave_at_[hidden]>
> >> Rob Stewart <stewart_at_[hidden]> writes:
> >> > From: David Abrahams <dave_at_[hidden]>
> >> >>
> >> >> * When you download Boost, you get the whole collection
> >> >
> >> > As others have said, this should be on another page.
> >>
> >> No, it needs to be part of "What is Boost?" When these people asked
> >> that question, they wanted to know what they were getting.
> >
> > I disagree.
> You can disagree all you want, but I consider the feedback I got from
> newbies about what they need to know to be fairly good data, and I
> wouldn't second guess it unless you had some data to back up your
> position, too.

You're being obstinate, or so it seems from my end. I'm not
saying we shouldn't provide that information. What you quoted
shows me saying it should be on another page and below I
suggested how that might be done. You dismissed those points
and said we must have the information as though I said we

I've been saying all along that the home page should be addressed
to the business types and, to some degree, newbie developers, so
that it provides high level, not terribly technical information
on Boost. Others, whether the experienced developer new to
Boost, or those well versed in Boost, can get information
appropriate for them on secondary pages (with prominent links on
the home page).

> > A bullet or other prominent link that developers new
> > to Boost can follow to find information on what Boost is at that
> > level of detail would work fine. IOW, I don't want to put
> > information on the home page that would go over the head of a
> > manager considering Boost, yet I want a developer to be able to
> > find that information quickly.
> >
> > As has been oft mentioned, the home page is too busy. Adding
> > more won't make it better. I want to reduce the home page
> > clutter while making important information accessible.
> I don't care whether this is on the home page or not, as long as it's
> not overshadowed by other stuff.

Does that mean we're actually in violent agreement?

> > Making it shorter is better, but I was really trying to suggest
> > that it ought to be on that "developers new to Boost, look here"
> > page I'm suggesting.
> And why shouldn't that be right on the front page (eliminating much of
> the other stuff from the front page, of course)?

See below.

> > I just want *two* introductory sections
> Why?

Because I've said on many occasions, including in messages in
this thread, that the home page should be directed at a different

I've previously suggested that there should be a secondary "home"
page suitable for Boosters. Consequently, I'm advocating:

 - Simplify the home page considerably. It should target the
   business type, but have links to more details.

 - Put a lot of the information you're asking for (or at least
   the details thereof) on another page or several pages. Thus,
   a seasoned developer new to Boost can find a quick,
   business-level overview of Boost plus some prominent links to
   another page or pages with the sort of details needed to
   understand how Boost might fit into his/her development

 - Create a page more like what Andy's been asking for that
   provides all a Booster could want on a page that doesn't try
   to describe Boost, too. If that page had a really short URL,
   then Boosters could learn to type just as easily as

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