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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-09 16:36:54

That would be regrettable.

The last round of changes address some very obscure issues that mostly
appear in applications which serialize types defined in DLLs. Some
compilers also trip here on code that has nothing to do with DLLs. None of
these errrors are detectible in the tests that boost runs. The new errors
can be clasified as

a) the VC 7.1 errors are most likely due the fact that bjam cannot be
counted upon to detect dependent changes. I had the same problem on my own
VC 7.1 system and had to explicitly rebuild the library to get the error to
go away.

b) demo_load_xml is surely due to the fact that it is run before
demo_save_xml - this will disappear as well.

c) the new errors (which now don't show) on CW 9_4 will disappear on the
next round as I make another tweak. This is related to the fact that it
seems this particular version of this compiler handles
const template parameters different than other compilers. I'm testing the
change now.

d) This leaves two tests test_exported, and test_unregistered_pointers

in the following compilers.

intel-8.1-linux - windows version passes ok
intel-9.0-linux - windows version passes ok

I believe that there is something in these compilers that needs to be worked
around. The error messages suggest that certain explicitly instantiated
template code has been eliminated as it is not
explicitly referred to by name. Many other compilers exihibit this quirk.
Link and Error messages,
are cryptic as usual but seem to support this idea. bugzill for gcc-4.01
lists a bug that seems to
be relatd. I would be curious to see what gcc 4.02 has to say. Its odd
that intel behavior varies between linux and windows. Perhaps there is a
difference in optimization switches in the different
cases. None of these compilers are in the CVS-HEAD so I don't know if these
errors just recently
appeared or are due to the latest changes. (could be either way) So I'm a
little bit at a loss here.
Anyone who has experience with these compilers is welcome to jump in here.

e) There are a couple of new failures in MSVC 6.5. These are caused by
making export.hpp even
more elaborate than it used to be resulting in some new ICE's. I haven't
been able to fix them without backing out the changes that permit headers to
be in almost any order - and I don't think we want to do that. So I think
we have to live with them - or someone who needs this can invest some time
trying to work around the ICE's

Robert Ramey

Douglas Gregor wrote:
> The last round of changes to the Serialization library have caused
> major regressions (205, to be precise) on the RC_1_33_0 branch. If
> these regressions have not been fixed by Monday morning I will revert
> these changes automatically.
> Doug
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