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From: John Smith (paz_temp_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-21 01:28:08

Dear All,

I have a problem linking with regex that I couldn't resolve - would greatly
appreciate if anyone could give me a hint.
I followed the discussion threads regarding similar problems and got forward
with resolving other issues, however this final single problem I could not

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl
boost::re_detail::raise_runtime_error(class _STL::runtime_error const &)"

My environment:
o Windows XP
o Microsoft DevStudio - Visual C++ 6, Service pack 6
o I am building my DLL, which will use boost::regex as (an additional) DLL
o My build flags - Multithreaded dll (more info is avail if needed)
o I am using stlport (which is located on my environment under
o I include <boost/regex.hpp> and using 'boost::wregex', 'boost::wcmatch',
'boost::regex_search', etc
o I added the next to 'user.hpp':
    #define BOOST_REGEX_NO_W32
    #define BOOST_REGEX_NO_LIB
o I am adding boost library to my linking process with the next pragma
        #ifdef _DEBUG
                #pragma comment(lib, "<...the path...>\\boost_regex-vc6-mt-gdp-1_33")
                #pragma comment(lib, "<...the path...>\\boost_regex-vc6-mt-p-1_33")
        #endif // _DEBUG

boost::regex build:
o I use BJame.exe to build boost
o I call 'VCVars32.bat' before all
o I set the next environment variables before calling BJam:
    * VISUALC=<..the path to 'VC98'...>
o Build line:
        BJam.exe -a -sTOOLS=MSVC-STLPORT --with-regex

...after all this: the linker error (unresolved 'raise_runtime_error' as
written above)

M A N Y T H A N K S ! ! !


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