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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-24 07:30:18

> I'll try and run the Borland tests on my machine and figure out
> what's going on, BTW the link to Spirit-1.6 is broken in your docs.
> Also which spirit version are you using 1.6.3? Just checking....

To answer my own question: I can reproduce the issue with spirit 1.6.3 and
Borland C++ Builder 6 Up4, the patch below fixes the problem, OK to commit?

> As for the other failures, those for test_demo_xml_load all appear
> to be caused by a failed assertion on opening the file stream, is
> this likely to be another dependency issue that hasn't been nailed
> down yet?

Confirmed as a dependency issue: building test_demo_xml_save first fixes the
problem. Was the suggested fix for these dependency issues ever committed?
I don't see it in cvs.

Here's the Borland patch:

Index: boost/serialization/shared_ptr.hpp
RCS file: /cvsroot/boost/boost/boost/serialization/shared_ptr.hpp,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -b -r1.15.2.3 shared_ptr.hpp
--- boost/serialization/shared_ptr.hpp 2 Oct 2005 05:57:24 -0000

+++ boost/serialization/shared_ptr.hpp 24 Oct 2005 12:26:37 -0000
@@ -53,14 +53,22 @@
         struct version< ::boost::shared_ptr<T> > {
             typedef mpl::integral_c_tag tag;
             typedef mpl::int_<1> type;
+ BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(unsigned int, value = 1);
             BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(unsigned int, value = type::value);
         // don't track shared pointers
         template<class T>
         struct tracking_level< ::boost::shared_ptr<T> > {
             typedef mpl::integral_c_tag tag;
             typedef mpl::int_< ::boost::serialization::track_never> type;
             BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(int, value = type::value);


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