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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-21 23:55:26

If this such a huge problem for you, why don't you just modify
your local copy and be done with it? I wouldn't think that
one would want to delay an overdue release to avoid
a bogus warning. This a gcc problem in any case. There
is a limit to how much stuff we should have to work around.

Robert Ramey

Robert Ramey wrote:
> You might consider adding a switch to the gcc compiler switches used.
> This is what I did to make it pass the tests without complaint. Offhand
> I've forgotten the exact switch but I think you'll find it in
> serialization.jam
> in libs/serialization/build
> The warnings can be ignored in this case. The destrctor is
> "protected" so that attempts to delete through a base class pointer will
> be
> detected as errors at compile time. This also eliminates a useless
> vtable entry. This was introduced to be sure that derived classes
> in DLLS wern't being deleted through the library.
> However, these warnings are annoying. I'm considering adding
> "virtual" back in to the gcc compiles just to avoid these annoying
> warnings - but this would be in a future release in any case.
> Robert Ramey
> Kim Barrett wrote:
>> Between 1.33 and 1.33.1_beta, several classes in the serialization
>> library were changed from having virtual destructors to having
>> non-virtual destructors. An example is basic_oserializer. Many of
>> these classes
>> have virtual functions, with the result that "g++ -Wall" now
>> complains about them ("has virtual functions but non-virtual
>> destructor"), so that
>> I now get tons of warnings when compiling code that uses the
>> serialization library. My guess would be that none of these warnings
>> are actually interesting, but that belief doesn't really help all
>> that much. Was
>> there a good reason for this change? Could it be reverted? If not, is
>> there some other thing that could be done to eliminate these
>> warnings? For 1.33.1 release?
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