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From: Ion Gaztañaga (igaztanaga_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-22 01:03:55

>>1. Overloads of static_pointer_cast, dynamic_pointer_cast,
>>const_pointer_cast overloads for raw pointers, so that we can use
>>pointer_xxx_cast in a generic way.
> Makes sense. :-) boost/utility/pointer_cast.hpp, probably.


>>2. Add reinterpret_pointer_cast to complete cast family.
> Out of curiosity, why do you want it?

Well, currently I'm removing reinterpret_casts to convert void pointers
with static_casts, but if there is some place where a reinterpret_cast
has sense with raw pointers, I would add it to have complete family. But
we can live with static_pointer_cast.

>>We should define how this protocol is implemented in boost smart
>>pointers (for example, using overloading or a STL-like rebind mechanism)
>>so that every boost smart pointer developer knows how to make its
>>pointer type protocol-aware.
> template<class T, class U, template<class> class Sp>
> class pointer_to_other< Sp<T>, U >
> {
> typedef Sp<U> type;
> };
> works with auto_ptr and all boost smart pointers. Other smart pointers may
> want to specialize pointer_to_other.

No problem at all. What about other overloads for 2 and 3 template
parameter smart pointers, so that almost all smart pointers would be
covered. Of course, we need another version for raw pointers. What about



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