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From: Andrew Maclean (a.maclean_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-12 22:10:49

I found the problem.
What I had done was to declare BOOST environment variables and these
conflicted with the bjam processing of the files.

Maybe a note should be added to the user instructions for building Boost in
Windows along the line:
"If you have any environment variables such as BOOST_INCLUDE, BOOST_LIB,
BOOST_ROOT, BOOST_VERSION. Delete or rename them before running bjam."


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From: Andrew Maclean [mailto:a.maclean_at_[hidden]]
Sent: Tuesday, 6 December 2005 14:47
To: boost-users_at_[hidden]
Subject: Problem with building boost_1_33_1 using VC-7_1

The command I am running is:
 ..\bjam "-sTOOLS=vc-7_1"

There is a vast amount of output but the key bit looks to be this:
Jamfile:278: in load-jamfiles
*** argument error
* rule stage ( name : sources + : requirements * : local-build * )
* called with: ( :

... <Lots and lots of files are listed> ...

C:\boost\boost_1_33_1\boost\wave\util\unput_queue_iterator.hpp :
<locate>C:\Boost <tree-subdirs>C:\boost\boost_1_33_1 <target>all :
<suppress>true )
* missing argument name
C:\boost\boost_1_33_1\tools/build/v1\boost-base.jam:2330:see definition of
rule 'stage' being called
C:\boost\boost_1_33_1\tools\build\v1\bootstrap.jam:21: in boost-build
C:\boost\boost_1_33_1\boost-build.jam:16: in module scope

The command works fine in boost_1_33_0.

I suspect (but may be wrong) that "/" instrad of "\" may be causing the


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